About Us

Women’s Contact Society

Since 1982

“Our focus is on women. Our concern is for everyone.”

The Women’s Contact Society is a non-profit society registered in 1982 under the Society Act, Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Province of British Columbia.

The Society is a place for all women, whatever their status, age, or lifestyle. We operate according to the principle of feminism: women have the right to be full and equal members of society.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Women’s Contact Society exists to provide support and services to all women and girls that improve their quality of life and empowers them to change ideas, laws and situations that deny equality in Williams Lake and area.

Our Vision

Empower women and girls in all areas of their life.

What We Do

Our Core Values

Women’s Contact Society’s values are: equality, leadership, fairness, respect, honesty, inclusiveness, accountability, dependability and trustworthiness.

Our Guiding Principles

We believe women have the right to have control of their life.

We welcome women of all ages, abilities, sexual orientations, and cultural, social, and economic backgrounds.

Membership and Governance

Our membership is approximately one hundred (100); the society is governed by a board of directors using the consensus model. The membership fee is a sliding scale from $2-$20.

The Board of Directors meets monthly and operates on a consensus model.

Board of Directors

Alison Sutherland Mann
Dawnalyn Webster
Jean Webster
Kirsten Stark
Rebecca Egilson
Sarah Balitsky
Sunny Dyck
Valerie Coulthard

Executive Director

Irene Willsie

Operations Manager

Bobbi Krist

Pro-Choice Stand

One of the primary objectives of the Women’s Contact Society is to provide an information and resource centre for all women, regardless of their age, race, religion or political beliefs.

In order to reach this objective, the Society has taken a Pro-Choice stand regarding pregnancy, which means that the decision must lie with the individual.

The Society is prepared to offer information regarding all alternatives but does not try to influence the decision of the individual. The Society will also offer support and friendship to each and every woman regardless of the choice she makes.

The Society is open to all women regardless of their thoughts and beliefs on the subject, but there is no room within the Society for women who will condemn others for their opinions or their choices.