2023 Annual Child Care Conference

CCRR invites you to join our one-day professional conference to connect, learn, collaborate and explore topics relating to early childhood development.  This in-person event will include:

Who Are the People In Our Neighborhood?

In the past few years there have been many changes within local agencies serving children, families and persons who support children and/or families.  Short presentations from Interior Health Primary Care, Denisiqi Service Society, All Nations Healing House, Ministry of Children and Families and Cariboo Chilcotin Child Development Center will provide an overview of services, contacts and resources.

Each of these agencies has grown and/or changed over the past few years along with services, staff, resources, and contacts. As advocates for children and families, it is important to stay up to date with agencies and programs in the community that support the development and wellness of children and families.

Foundations of Inclusive Child Care

CCRR has recently completed government training on the new Inclusivity Toolkit.  We will provide an overview of the training, goals and talk about some easy ways to be more inclusive.

Challenging Behaviours

Understanding behaviours, difficult conversations and collaborating with parents/guardians/caregivers.

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What’s happening next?

There’s always something new going on at CCRR and the Women’s Contact Society. Visit our events calendar to see what’s coming up!